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Support us

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Give us a stronger voice and greater influence to ensure our messages about Rural Wales are heard.

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Becoming a CPRW member or giving us a donation is the simplest and best way you can support our work. Your donations and subscriptions enable us to carry on protecting the things that matter in rural Wales.

 In return we will give you:

  • Give2CPRW    A monthly ebulletin
        updating you about current issues.
  •    Our Rural Wales magazine three times each
  •    Opportunities to help others campaign
                                                   in your local area.

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What legacy do you want to leave?

   When you are finally laid to rest do you want to be…

   Pushing up daises or overlaid with concrete?

   Will your favourite place still be there for your children’s
   children to enjoy?

   Why not leave an enduring gift to CPRW and help ensure 
   rural Wales remains special for those who follow you.

   Every penny you give enables us to protect Wales’s greatest
   assets; its landscape and rural places. 

   If you would like to know how to leave CPRW a legacy, Contact Head Office on 01938 552525 or

   Download a Codicil form here 


 Your legacy, no matter how small or big, will make a huge difference

Thank you.